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Imagine nature’s largest classroom and discovery hub, where butterflies and insects are free to come out and play. Within Entopia lies two worlds; The Natureland living outdoor gardens and The Cocoon indoor discovery centre. Over 150 species of flora and fauna are being showcased throughout Entopia’s entire exhibition.

The Natureland

The Natureland which is a living garden vivarium, is a shared ecological space for a variety of animal species from invertebrates to small reptiles living in their re-created natural habitat. This will be the largest butterfly and dragonfly garden in Malaysia with more 15,000 free-flying butterflies at any one time. The living garden features more than 200 species of plants with waterfalls, ponds, caves and other artistic garden features. Be sure to stroll along the mezzanine-terrace from David’s Garden and get a majestic view of our Home Tree.

The Cocoon

The Cocoon features two floors of learning exhibition and indoor activities. This indoor discovery centre is designed to let visitors self-explore the world of invertebrates through various interactive edu-stations. Besides the walk-through experience, visitors will also be guided to participate in fun hands-on learning activities. The entire Cocoon itself is also a state-of-the-art facility where the visitor experience is enhanced by technology guided interpretations. Some of its exciting attractions include the Pandora Forest, Metamorphosis, Lumino City, Downtown Entopia, Breeding Ground, Underground Mysteries and Understory Tales.

  • Awesome!!! Great!!! Friendly staff, the environment is so calm, beautiful...
    — Awesome
  • It's a very beautiful place. My kids learned a lots about butterflies, frogs, snake, and other animals. We even don't know that the cutest frog was a poison frogs, thanks to Shirley our tour guide she explained and answered all our questions. All the staffs are so friendly. We plan to visit this place again with my husband.
    — Beautiful!
  • I used to frequent the butterfly farm as a child, when my family & I used to visit Penang. So returning as an adult with my partner was very nostalgic. It has certainly changed a lot since I was small, it has pretty much almost quadrupled in size since back then. There is much more to see. It was amazing being so close to so many butterflies & being lucky enough for some to even land us as well so we could have a closer look at their beauty.
    — “Wonderful trip to nature”
  • Its located about 40 minutes from Georgetown. Great place for bugs lovers. I'm not a big fan of the creatures but the way this indoor park was setup is really impress me. They have hundreds of creatures. It was entertaining and I gain lots of information particularly on a butterfly life cycle. It was great for the kids! You dont have to worry about the Malaysian heat as this is an indoor park. The ticket we bought valid in a single day. Which means you can get out and come back again in a same day. We bought the ticket online with has a discount on it. If you have kids, bring them. There are lots of other eminities inside like restaurant, prayer room, toilets, baby changing room, etc..
    — “Entertaining!”
  • Initially we were doubtful... how interesting can a "butterfly park" be? We thought it'll be boring... and couldn't be more wrong. This place is definitely a worthy attraction in Penang and you can spend at least 2-3 hours there.
    — “Go! Beautiful, comfortable, well-curated, educational”

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