The One Plant At A Time campaign aims to reintroduce the joys of planting and the importance of plants in the environment through activities and events.

This is staying true to the Friends of Entopia’s Nature Pledge; Keep a Plant and Recycle or Up-cycle.

The campaign’s main goal is to raise funds for the environment through donations to Malaysia Nature Society.

  • What Are The Activities Of This Campaign?

    To accomplish our goal of reintroducing the joys of planting and to educate about the importance of plants to the environment, we have scheduled various activities throughout the year.

    Tree Planting Activities

    Using plants from Entopia nurseries, Friends of Entopia members, Entopians and school children will be planting perennial plants in parks and schools in Penang.

    Seed Paper Workshops

    Instead of getting rid of unwanted office paper, we are turning it into Seed Papers. Workshops will be conducted to teach how to create paper waste into multi-purpose paper crafts.

  • Where Do All The Paper Come From?

    Entopia offices are recycling all its paper waste by turning it into seed paper.

    If you wish to be part of this, simply bring recycled paper and drop it in the proper One Plant At A Time recycling bins located around Entopia.

    Entopians together with Friends of Entopia will come together every few months to plant trees because how else can we save the environment but by planting One Plant At A Time.

  • What Is A Seed Paper?

    The campaigns’ main driving point is the seed paper. This seed paper is created by Entopians using recycled paper collected from recycling bins around its premises. It is a piece of paper infused with local plant seeds.

    The seeds used in the paper are from local plants species that produces flowers rich in nectar. These are called Nectar Plants. These plants attract pollinators in your garden like butterflies and bees.

  • Where Can I Buy These Seed Paper?

    Each Seed Paper Pack come with button badge with RM10.00 and Shipping Fee is RM6.00 or you may arrange for self collection. Email your orders to indicate the quantity of your order.