Dining With Nature & Butterflies

Blissful Dining

Sit along nature’s sight and enjoy gourmet snacks, zesty asian meals, western chips and maybe your favourite pasta, salad or dip.

Upgrading Work In Progress
Our restaurant (Tapestree) and take-away counter (Tapestree To-Go) will be undergoing renovation works from 1 April until 16 April and therefore will be closed to public. Meanwhile, our snack bar at Downtown Entopia (indoor exhibition area) will remain open to serve light snacks and drinks.

 Better Conversations

Whether you’re having a meal or just sipping coffee,
our soothing natural spaces make
conversations fun again for everyone.

Western & Asian

Serving everyone’s favourites

Great Environment

Relax and rejuvenate in nature

Tropical Beverages

Freshest tropical drinks

Tasty Always

Good taste makes great conversations