Learn About Butterflies Day!

How to encourage a butterfly to sit on you?

Did you know that having a butterfly to sit on you symbolizes good luck in many cultures? There are plenty of ways you can increase the chances and attract butterflies, encouraging them to land on you.

Here are 5 simple tips for you!


“Why aren’t the butterflies coming to me?!”
We’ve heard this countless times in the garden.

So, some tips for you guys! Basically, butterflies are attracted to salt, something which is present in everyone’s sweat! We are sure you know what to do next!


Choose A Sunny Location

Butterflies are active especially in the sunlight; hence, the chances for them landing on you are likely to be higher! It explains the design of out dome doesn’t it?
It might be a little humid but, in exchange you would be able to witness thousands of free-flying butterflies!


Wear Brightly Coloured Clothes

Well, it seems like the butterflies are especially attracted to bright colours.

Listen up, we’ve heard that light violet, blue or purple works like a magnet for these beautiful insects!


Perfume Without Alcohol

It’s nice to smell awesome, but you might want to wear something lighter during your visit to Entopia cause they are perhaps a little sensitive with smell too!

PS: Sweetly scented sunscreen or body lotion works pretty well!


Take your time

Move slowly guys! You might just scare them off with your sudden or rapid movements. We would say standing still would improve your chances of a butterfly landing on you. Give it a shot!

Want to know more about butterfly?

Join our activity Butterfly Breeder: Backstage to know how we care for our caterpillars and butterfly pupae, just as the breeders do in our breeding stations.
Session 1: 9:15am – 10:00am
Session 2: 2:00pm – 2:45pm

(Mon – Sun, 45min per session)